10 Photographers to Follow on Twitter

There are many talented photographers and cool photo-related service providers on Twitter, and it would be an impossible task for me to list all the ones I enjoy following.

But I did want to share at least some, and so I’ve chosen 10 that are great resources in more ways than one. By resource, I mean that these are tweople who understand the medium. They not only share useful, interesting and relevant links and blogposts, but they are usually willing to answer questions and communicate directly. So if you’re looking to learn something, these are some twitter people you should follow.

As a side note, I recommend using the hashtag #togs when talking about photography stuff on twitter. It’s short for photographers, of course. The guy who popularized this tag is number one on the list below…

  • Jack Hollingsworth@photojack – Stock photography guru and all round nice guy.
  • Bruce DeBoer - @brucedeboer – Not just a photographer but an inspiration to creatives everywhere.
  • LookStat@lookstat – These guys rock for understanding the microstock market.
  • Rob Davies@bobbigmac – The brain behind PicNiche. ‘Nuff said.
  • Rob Sylvan@lightroomers – An iStockphoto veteran and Adobe Lightroom Master.
  • Ellen Boughn@ellenboughn – Fellow microstock mentor and author.
  • Sam Bloomberg-Rissman@sambr – Great blog, great photography, great tweets.
  • Microstockgroup@microstockgroup – Keep up with what people are talking about on this agency-independent forum.
  • Lee Torrens@microstock – A microstock blog pioneer who is both smart and handsome.
  • Kelly Cline@kcline – She’s not just a microstock success story and an amazing cook. She’s my wife!

8 thoughts on “10 Photographers to Follow on Twitter

  1. I can understand “handsome”, but “smart”??? ;)

    Thanks for the inclusion, Ras.

    There was only one person the list I wasn’t already following which I’m taking as an indication that you and I have a similar idea about ‘quality’ of sharing.

    On ‘understanding the medium’, it’s easy to spot those who don’t get it. They’re the ones trying to tell you the “right way” and the “wrong way” to use Twitter. Use it in the way that best produces the results you want from it, and expect to have to try different things before you figure out exactly what that method is.



  2. An awesome list, thanks very much for the inclusion :) Saw a sudden influx of followers and took a while to find out why :D

  3. I don’t shoot microstock (and barely stock at all,
    preferring to work on commissions) but I bet I could learn a thing
    or two from these tweeps even if I disagree with the ethics of
    microstock. Maybe one day I’ll make such an exalted list of the
    Great and the Good. I better get Good first. Great can wait

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