A Prophecy and the End of an Age

I just finished the first draft of a fantasy short with the working title “The Final Prophecy of Jalahar”. I may change the title later, and keep this as a subtitle, but never mind that for now. Finishing a first draft is always a great feeling and this is no exception.

More than anything, I’m happy to have written (and finished) a piece of fiction. I’ve missed writing fiction, and fantasy is a genre I haven’t touched in years, unless you count writing out gaming adventures as fiction (which I don’t). The creative freedom when writing, is one of my favorite things in the world, because you can literaly invent and do anything. It’s daunting for that same reason.

This particular story is part of a grander scheme. I plan on releasing it online when it has been edited, polished off and illustrated, and if enough of you like the story I will write another one. I have a couple of hundred years worth of tales to tell about this world I am creating, and because of that I want to let the readers pick which details they want to hear more about in the next story.

The story itself takes place towards the end of the Age of Glory. If you saw my post about the creation myth, you may have noticed that I split my timeline up in Ages of historical significance. The Age of Glory is period of stability and prosperity amongst common folk, which I thought made it a good, neutral starting point.

The main character in this story is a young novice monk named Hedric. I am not going to reveal too much about the plot, except that it has something to do with a prophet named Jalahar. If that just isn’t enough for you, I have posted part of the prophecy itself below…

Here are two verses from somewhere in the middle of the prophecy…

And War and Pestilence shall plague the Realm
And Madness will follow in its wake

The Army of Souls shall march across the land
And Dark Beasts of Terror shall follow

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