Making a Sim Game with Gamesalad

Sim game, list of rules
One of my favorite game genres has always been simulation, starting the first time I ever played Civilization II. I’ve always wanted to make my own sim game, and I felt the time was right to start working on one now. I’m using the tool Gamesalad, which is amazing for people like me, who aren’t especially code savvy, though having some understanding of basic programming principles, can still be quite helpful.

The game, which is still untitled, lets you found and build a city, starting with a tribe of just a few individuals. You have to balance the local economy, keep your people happy, and develop advances for your settlement. Along the way, events happen and you will be forced to make decisions that will affect your people. There are quite a few factors to track, many of which depend on one another, and so building a balanced game is the greatest challenge here.

Sim game, making a choice
It is still very early days, but I wanted to share the news and a couple of screenshots, so you can see what it looks like in this extremely primitive pre-alpha version (as in: without any artwork whatsoever), as well as get a glimpse of how the game is organized into blocks of instructions, within a timer. These screenshots are all from within Gamesalad, which is the only place the game lives for now. I have yet to decide on a platform; for now it’s just about piecing the basic elements together.

I will be posting more about the progress of my first sim game. Stay tuned.

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