Projects, Pushes and a Photography Book

I recently made a list of all my current (supposedly) active personal projects. As in things I am making on my own time, from writing books to roasting coffee and learning a new programming language. At the end of the list, I realized there was too much on my plate. It was time to stop taking on new projects and finish some old ones.

There are always many things waiting to be done. Here's a To-Do from one of my GameSalad projects.

There are always many things waiting to be done. Here’s a To-Do from one of my GameSalad projects.

This is easier said than done, because it is nearly impossible to resist a promising idea, when one pops into my head. I’m a great starter of things, planner of projects and not necessarily as good at wrapping them up. So I took the list of projects and posted it on my Facebook profile, along with a vow to start finishing things. Let the pressure build!

This all happened just two days ago. Since then, I have wrapped up (and expanded) my first ever Python project – simpleAdventure a text-based fantasy game of exploration – but more importantly…

The portrait photography book, which I’ve been collecting data for for a while now, got a much needed injection of content. I had finished the first part a long time ago but hadn’t even started on the second part of the book. A little push was exactly what I needed, and I’ve since started writing on all the remaining parts of the book. The outline is done, and there are several ideas for extra material waiting in the wings. The biggest problem at this point is deciding which photos to include.

Sometimes it’s easier to push ourselves than we think. I found a ton of motivation just by posting my intentions publicly. An old trick, but it works because it takes advantage of that part of your personality that is afraid to lose face to your peers.

Here’s the list I posted on Facebook:
• An update of FantasyMuse (almost done)
• Three different GameSalad titles (various stages)
• A D&D Next adventure (fully written)
• An eBook on Storytelling (first draft 80% written).
• An eBook on Portrait Photography (about 50% written).
• An original fantasy RPG (ready for testing)
• A Python text adventure (working alpha finished)
• Continuing to experiment and learn about coffee roasting.

In other photo book news: I just lowered the price of The Microstock Photographer’s Guide from $8.50 to $4.99.

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