Microstock Photographer’s Guide

This book has been discontinued. It is no longer for sale in its current version, and there are no plans for an updated edition.

Everything you need to shoot and sell microstock

The Microstock Photographer's GuideWith over a decade of experience in microstock as a photographer and editor both, I have written this introduction to stock photography and microstock. It covers information on everything from digital noise and finding a niche, to copyright and what it takes to make it into the microstock elite.

The book is 152 pages long and contains 28 articles. These were originally posted on this site, but are no longer available. Click the button below to get your copy (digital download, $8.50 $4.99). Payment is handled by PayPal and the PDF is delivered via e-Junkie, both safe and secure services.

Original Series

Table of Contents

  • Stumbling Into Photography
  • The Microstock Photographer in You
  • How Microstock is Used
  • Picking the Right Camera
  • Get Your Props On
  • What is Good Stock Photography?
  • Two Types of Stock Imagery
  • Composing for Stock
  • Lighting Your Stock Images
  • 10 Common Mistakes
  • Building a Portfolio
  • 5 Sessions to Get Started
  • Leaving Out the People
  • Working with Models
  • Post-Processing for Stock
  • Getting Started on iStockphoto
  • Which Kind of Microstocker are You?
  • Good Photos Come from Within
  • Passion vs. Greed
  • 10 Tips for Serious Wannabes
  • 5 Noise Makers in Digital Photograpy
  • Interview with a Lawyer (Venkat Balasubramani)
  • Partnerships vs. Self-Motivation
  • The Creative Ratio
  • Scripting a Photo Shoot
  • From the Image Inspector’s Desk
  • How I Use Social Media
  • 3 Keys to Success in Microstock

This all began with 12 blog posts that talked about my personal experience and observations as a photographer and editor for the leading agency in the business, iStockphoto. I wanted to address some of the most common issues I see in the photos people upload, but also talk about what goes beyond that – how to build a portfolio, think like the end user and look at your microstock adventure as something more than a part-time hobby.

Because my own experience is closely tied to iStockphoto, you will find the book biased towards that agency. The advice is good for all agencies however, since iStockphoto has the strictest quality standards in the microstock industry.

I offered a free version for a long time. I no longer do that (it only held about half the articles anyway). If you really want it, I’m sure it’s out there on the web somewhere.

I would like to thank everyone who have shown their support in one form or another, and all those who were kind enough to help out with comments and ideas along the way.

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  33. Hej Rasmus,
    Jeg er en fan af dit fotografiske arbejde og dine historier.
    Hvordan kan jeg “follow” eller “følge” din blog? Der plejer at være en knap i øverste venstre hjørne, men den ser jeg ikke her. Jeg har også en blog på wordpress.
    Også, hvordan kan jeg finde dine billeder på istockphoto? Jeg kender dine fotos mest fra flickr.
    Mange venlige hilsner fra Anette

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