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Examples of my work. Please enjoy responsibly.

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Video Production


In 2012, I launched my first iPhone game, Nebula Rescue (more below). To help promote the game, I also made a simple video, explaining how the game works in a straightforward manner.

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FOCUS: Seattle Poets was a video series I produced in late 2011. Six short clips each featured a local poetry slam performer. The videos were shot for Another Passion, and published in the spring of 2012.

NOTE: Strong language

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This video follows the development of a “burger of the month” for Seattle based Blue Moon Burgers. To create this video, I worked closely with recipe developer Kelly Cline and owner Charlie Olson to both cover the process, and still make an entertaining video.

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Game designer Mike Selinker and gaming guru Stepto asked me to assist in making this “It Gets Better” video. I co-directed, shot the main footage and did all the post-processing and effects.

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Vincent Kitch

I have written a number of interviews with artists and creative professionals, among them Vincent Kitch, head of Seattle’s Office of Arts & Culture. Original photography by me.

Read this interview on Another Passion.

Lee LeFever

An example of an interview with a local creative professional, Lee LeFever runs a small business with his wife, where they seek to explain anything using simple, animated videos.

Read this interview on Another Passion.

The Unlikely Guru

An article about the lessons we can learn from the cartoon character Wile E. Coyote, namely to think creatively and never give up (and don’t put all your trust in the ACME brand).

Read this article on Another Passion.

Writing - Books

How-To: The Microstock Photographer’s Guide

One of the most popular ebooks on microstock photography, and what it takes to get started in that industry. The book started as a series of blog posts, and were eventually compiled and expanded. The book was presented in 2007 and continues to be a popular introduction. In 2009, a Russian translation was made (no longer available).

The Microstock Photographer’s Guide

Novel: Det perfekte offer [The Perfect Victim]

Published in Denmark by Høst & Søn (2001), my first novel was a mystery, about an insecure mail man who pretends to be a private investigator, in order to impress a woman. It works well, until she asks him to locate her missing husband...

Det perfekte offer is only available in Danish.

Det perfekte offer

Novel: Ghost Whispers

Detective Frank Cash investigates the murder of a beautiful and successful therapist. A case which is somehow tied to the murder of a little girl, a decade earlier, on a different continent - and another man is also on the trail of the killer, for reasons of his own...

Ghost Whispers

Writing - Various Editorial

Filling in the Blanks

One of five articles written for iStockphoto. This one is a technical piece about what happens when a digital photo is upsampled, or interpolated, from its original size.

From 2010 to 2012, I published Another Passion. What started as a personal project became a part time job, as I not only produced a lot of original content, but also managed two staff contributors. Another Passion is an inspirational site, aimed at creative professionals.

Another Passion was syndicated by Fox/Tribune.

I have written a few actual books as well, starting with my debut novel published back in 2001. As a side project, I am currently working on a new instructional photography book, for people who would like to take better portraits.

Writing not showcased here includes intra-company training manuals and reports done for iStockphoto and others, as well as a number of articles written for Danish gaming magazine, Fønix, and the tabloid BT (also Danish).

Interview Examples

Hard Work and Kindness

An essay on work ethics, inspired by a quote from Conan O’Brien and my wife’s passion for food. Or rather, that moment when the two collided and a lightbulb went on.

I’m including this first, because it represents the person I strive to be in my work.

Read this article on Another Passion.

How to Survive Hitting the Wall

A piece about creative blockages and motivational slumps, and how your own way of thinking about it can affect your productivity.

Read this article on Another Passion.

Another Passion





Many Artists are (Still) Not Promoting Themselves

Essay about creative people’s lack of (or poor) self promotion, based on observations made during the shooting of FOCUS: Seattle Poets, and the many interviews I have done for Another Passion.

How I Became a Storyteller

Personal essay about the importance of stories, and how I came to see stories as the element tying other creative outlets, genres and tools together. As such, I consider myself a storyteller.

5 Noise Makers in Digital Photography

An article on where noise in digital photos come from, why it’s bad and what you can do to minimize the amount of it.

Apps and Games


I have developed a few applications for iOS, all of which are currently available in the App Store. Three are random generators, inspirational apps to help writers, photographers and gamers come up material and exercises. My fourth title is an arcade game, titled Nebula Rescue (see also: promotional video above).

WriMuse was my first app. It generates writing prompts and was specifically designed for writers of fiction, though an essay prompt feature was added in a later update. The app can make a total 4 different types of prompts, with several million possible combinations of elements.

Check out WriMuse in the App Store.

Nebula Rescue is an action arcade game, where your goal is to collect Time Crystals and Space Gunk while shooting down enemy UFOs and avoiding friendly satellite drones. The timer keeps ticking down unless you can extend it by being awesome. This game is available for iPhone and iPod touch.

Check out Nebula Rescue in the App Store.