Two Danish Songs About Drinking

I’m going through my musical archives and it occurred to me that I had two related songs, in both theme and style, about getting drunk. I mean really drunk, but in a good way. So I turned a photo I already had into a cover, called it an “album” and put it on Bandcamp.

The lyrics are in Danish, and the first song – “Midnatswaltz” [Midnight Waltz] – is about that feeling of letting the booze guide you – maybe to do a little dance, maybe something even more stupid. The second track – “Vodka” – is a celebration of one of my personal favorite drinks: vodka on the rocks. If the vodka is good, you don’t need anything else.

Music is something I’ve only ever made for fun. And because I believe dabbling in more fields than one increases overall inspiration. Though I used to be in bands, play the occasional gig and write a lot more than I do now, it was never with the ambition of turning it into a professional careeer. That’s not to say I don’t sometimes miss performing in front of a live audience. Maybe some day…

If you like the music, the 2-song album is only $1.35.

Update: the mini album is now also available in iTunes and most other sellers of digital music.

Gone Bandcamping

I’ve just signed up for the music site Bandcamp! Actually, when I went there to sign up my preferred username was already taken, so from experience I knew to try one of my older passwords. Bingo! Turns out I had signed up a long time ago and never used it for anything. I have fixed that now.

“Bedre i Amerika” is my first EP, consisting of all old songs. Apparently, that’s how I roll. If you listen, you’ll also know how I rock. The songs are all in Danish by the way, so unless you already speak it you also get to be Internationally Hip — just by listening!

There were 12 songs at first, then 8 and now 5. The rest just didn’t stand the test of time. I can say that truthfully, because I wrote them all back in 2008. This is around the time I was just getting over my regular bouts of homesickness, I had gotten a few friends and the shock of moving to another continent without any real planning had passed. These songs remind me of that period of relative stability, which lasted only a brief moment of course. C’est la vie.

I used to give all these songs away for free on my Danish blog, and I now have the audacity to ask at least $0.69 per song, or $3 for all five. It’s not that I think this is going to make a huge difference in my monthly budget or anything, but times are tough. I’ll take your pocket change for a song and blame the recession. I’m not ashamed. Besides, the Danish blog doesn’t exist any more.

Use the player above or check out my profile page on Bandcamp to listen.

Update: The EP is also available in iTunes (and via several other services). This link is to the US store, but if you’re somewhere else just search for my name and you should see it.