Salvage Trader Tools

I’m happy to report that work on Salvage Trader is progressing. Every week I send out an email with the latest news and a link to the freshest alpha build. This simple commitment keeps me productive and the game moving forward. Scroll to the bottom of this post to sign up!

Salvage Trader, main map as it looks in alpha.The goal is to launch a Kickstarter campaign when the game is ready to go into beta, and hopefully fund the last leg of the journey this way.

First, I’d like to share a list of the tools I’m using to develop the game, starting with the engine itself…


Being a drag-and-drop engine makes development of small games very fast, though it certainly also has its limitations. There is no actual coding in Gamesalad, though it helps greatly if you have programming experience enough to know how the logic behind it works. It will help you set up behaviors of the individual actors within the game and pass information around behind the scenes. As far as the limitations go, they include bug hunting and occasional strange behavior. Gamesalad is great for many things, but I do sometimes feel I’m pushing its limits with Salvage Trader.


I happen to use Photoshop CS5, which for the simple graphics I’ve been adding is more than plenty. If you don’t have Photoshop, you can just as easily use Gimp or any other program that lets you draw things and save them as png files. Animations are just a series of png files strung together in Gamesalad, and since the engine does not support video playback there’s nothing to worry about in that department.

Sound and Music

For creating 8-bit sound effects on the fly, Bfxr is a little gem. I start out creating a bunch of random sounds, until something good happens. Then I tweak it a bit to make it better, save it and add it to the game. For making music for the game, I simply use Garageband which comes with every Mac and a cheap USB keyboard (M-Audio Keystation 49e, for those who care).

Mailing list

If you would like to play the alpha version of the game and receive updates on its progress, sign up for the mailing list using the form below.

Presenting PixMuse

PixMuse is an iPhone / iPod touch app I put together for all you stock and microstock photographers out there.

PixMuse generates a random photo shoot idea by presenting you with a theme, a subject and a mood. The three elements represent the overall concept, the central element and feel of the suggested photo. Simply hit the button or shake your device to generate a new photo concept.

PixMuse is made for inspiration and fun. There is no guarantee that the photo concepts generated by PixMuse will have any commercial value, though all the elements included were picked specifically because they rank among the most popular and widely used genres and concepts in stock photography. So even though it’s random and silly, there is a useful side to PixMuse as well.

Use PixMuse as a tool for brainstorming. Some of the combinations will fit any portfolio, and you will see elements combined in ways you hadn’t thought of before, which might just spark your imagination. And did I mention it’s free?

Link: Download PixMuse from the iTunes App Store – FREE!