The Man of Steel

This is about the absolutely greatest influence on my life, as a person and an artist. Though we do completely different things, this guy taught me many of the fundamentals of what it means to live for your art. For good and bad. The man I’m talking about is my father.

Gert Rasmussen is his name, and these days he works mainly as a blacksmith, using his long time artist name Grasart. It’s a return to the roots for him. As a teenager, he was a blacksmith’s apprentice for a while, before being lured away by working with glass, painting, sculpting with clay and porcelain and working with precious stones and metals. You might say he has come full circle. You might say he has come home.

I love my father’s work. Not because it was made by my him, but because it’s unique and wonderful. He can take something as hard and cold as steel, and turn it into organic and charming shapes. He gives it life through endless hours of heating, hammering and bending. I am truly amazed by his vision and skill.

Like so many other artists, Gert has suffered a life-long battle with self promotion and sales. He is a social and likable guy, but he is too nice and tends to sell himself short. Sometimes to the point of actually causing himself financial loss by giving away or underselling his own work. So, after decades of watching this happen, I finally stepped in and decided to help the old man out.

This is my plan: to promote and talk about his art in the hope that more people will see it. I have confidence in the quality and talent and would like nothing more than to earn my dad some well deserved buzz. Preferably some money too, so he can finally upgrade his tools and stop living on the edge of financial ruin.

So, please allow me to introduce the greatest artistic influence of my life. Please take a minute to look at some of his work, and if you like what you see, help me spread the word about it. And if you really like it, consider investing in one of his handcrafted, one of a kind pieces of art.

For more, please visit the GrasArt – Gert Rasmussen page on Facebook. Photo of the candle holders by Kelly Cline.

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  1. So true! The nice guys are the ones to fall first… being
    taken advantage of. I almost give up hope in humanity because of
    this.. So, do we become the assholes to get where we want to be, or
    just keep working hard?

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