The Creation of a Creation Myth

My very first novel length story was a fantasy tale based on a roleplaying campaign I had run with a group of friends, a couple of years earlier. It was back in the 90s somewhere, when this idea first took hold of me. I wrote the story, made a handful of photocopies and handed them to friends and family, and that was the end of it. Except not really. A decade and a half later, here we are.

Some of the basic ideas in the story kept coming back to me over the years, and eventually, not too long ago, I stopped resisting and started taking notes. I was excited to have given in and returned to an old source of inspiration, but I soon discovered that I had unleashed an unstoppable force. So many ideas for details, myths, legends, heroes, villains and places popped into my head, my note taking couldn’t keep up.

I wanted to write a specific story, but found I needed to know more about the past for it to work, so I set about writing another story, about one of those past events. Only to find that I needed to go even further back in time. So finally, I said fuck it and started at the very beginning – with the creation myth!

I took a look at the notes I already had about my pantheon of gods and the earliest ages, and then wrote them out how I imagined they would be written in the Allbook, the holy scriptures of my imagined world.

What my ultimate ambitions are for this, I honestly cannot say. It started with old, festering inspiration, an itch to write some fiction, and because I missed the nerdery of running a roleplaying campaign. But because I am having so much fun with it, and because I hate the thought of anything gathering digital dust on my hard drive, I thought I’d share the creation myth.

Obligatory disclaimer: I’m not saying this is amazingly original or anything, just that this is what I wrote, and I hope you like it.

In the Age of Darkness there was only the Allfather and the Allmother, and between them the Dark Void. Nothing could exist in the Void, for it was Evil and full of Corruption. But the Allfather and the Allmother were young and in love, and they were determined to bridge the Darkness, so that they might be together. Love was their strength, Light was their power.

And they fought the Darkness together, Allfather wielding the Sword of Light, Allmother the Spear of Love. For thousands of years they fought through the Darkness, until the last of the Void had been filled with Light and Love, and the two were finally able to share each others’ embrace. So ended the Age of Darkness, and so began the Age of Creation.

For as many years as they had battled the Void, the Allmother and Allfather coupled. And they became as one, and they would be known as The Creators. And the World grew where the Void had been, and The Creators birthed seven children, and the children were each given a domain.

Olleth the Firstborn was wise and strong, and was given domain over Life and Learning, and tasked to guide his sisters and brothers in their rule.

Sandril the Blue, eldest of the sisters, willful and gracious, was given domain over the Rivers and the Seas, and all of their bounties. Throndar the Grey, Sandril’s twin brother, forceful and restless, was given domain over the Rain, Winds and Lightning.

Ehlor the Brave, youngest of the sons, was given domain over stone and fire. Zira the Thin, lastborn and scrawny, but of stronger mind than any of the others, was given domain over the Underworld.

For all true power comes at a cost, and the price of Life and Love, was Death. And the Underworld was carved from the Darkness and sealed to protect Life and Love even after Death.

And when the children of The Creators sat in their thrones in the Palace of the Gods, The Creators knew it was time to leave the world they had created. And so ended the Age of Creation.

The Creators left but did not truly abandon the fruit of their Love and the Life they had seeded, for the Darkness can never be fully destroyed and will forever threaten to devour the World. And The Creators traveled to the ends of the World, to keep Darkness from swallowing up the World, restoring the Dark Void once more.

In the Age of Discovery the Seven Gods left their Palace to teach and guide the first of the Noble Races. For one thousand years, they walked among us. Cities and castles were built with their help, and the Noble Races created Law.

And the Seven Gods bred with the Noble Races and the first Champions were born. And the Gods withdrew to their seats, from whence they could observe and direct, whilst the Noble Races began forming destinies of their own.

So began the Age of Champions, where the First Nations were formed. When the Noble Races tamed the World and battled the Shadows born from the destruction of the Dark Void. For one thousand years the Champions led their armies against the Shadow King.

Kalor son of Ehlor quested for three hundred years for a shard of the Allfather’s blade, the Sword of Light. From the shard he forged the Shining Dagger, which was given to Anasa, daughter of Sandril. Using the power of water, the Fellowship of Champions lured the Shadow King to Anasa’s Sunken Castle, where the water played tricks with light and shadow.

And Axas, daughter of Zira, called upon her mother’s power and traveled through the Underworld to take the Shadow King by surprise. Water hid the blade forged from Light and carried through the land of death, and Axas came upon the Shadow King with swift fury and severed his head from his body.

And when the Shadow King died his black blood ran into the river, and though the King had been slain and his army would soon be vanquished, the black blood had washed into the sea. And every living creature was tainted by the black blood, as all living things must drink. And so ended the Age of Champions.

And the Age of War began.

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