Pre-Launch Thoughts on Nebula Rescue

Nebula Rescue is not the first video game I have designed, but it is the first game I’ve decided to release to the public. Now I am trying to get the word out and ultimately justify the work I put into it, and the investment in software — hopefully allowing me to make more (and more complex) games.

OctoBoss ship from Nebula Rescue
OctoBoss ship from Nebula Rescue
Releasing one little indie arcade game is not likely to make me the next Notch. If I can cover my fairly low expenses within six months, I’ll consider it worthwhile from a financial standpoint (anything beyond that is pure awesome). For me, the real success lies in making a game people enjoy playing. All I want, is for someone else to beat my high score and have fun doing it.

Games are a fantastic way to tell stories, and I have many more to share. For this game, I kept things simple to learn as much as possible, which of course led to more ideas and things I’d like to try. Collaboration for one, instead of doing everything from composing the music and drawing “graphics” to most of the testing and balancing the game logic, myself.

Later, I’d like to make a game that ties into Norkol – the fantasy world I have been building for my fiction (and pen and paper gaming campaign). There are also ideas floating around for follow ups (and expansions) to Nebula Rescue. But for now, I am starting to promote while still adding the final details to the game. Fully aware that I can never compete with design studios that have actual budgets and teams of professionals, but still excited as hell to release this little game I made…

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