Seven Years of Happiness

On July 18th, I will have been married to the amazing Kelly Cline for seven years. Meeting her changed my life in many, many ways, all for the better. If you had asked me eight years ago, if I thought I’d be married and stay that way for this long, I would have laughed. Now I laugh at the old me.

Besides being my better half in many ways, Kelly is also a muse and my greatest supporter. No matter what crazy projects I have come up with in the past, she has been there to lend her support. We’ve been through some tough times, tougher than any other relationship I’ve been in, from both of us losing a parent, to Cancer and surgery, to getting hit hard by the recession. Our relationship has not only endured, but grown stronger.

The secret to our success? I chalk it up to us both being tp-over-the-roll people, for I have no scientific explanation. I guess the real answer is that love is strong. Way strong. I would not be who I am today, were it not for Kelly. She’s awesome, and I can’t wait to spend the next seven years with her as well.

To share the love, I’ve decided to do a one-day giveaway of my iPhone game, Nebula Rescue. So, on the 18th, the game will be free to download!

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