The Chain of Interests

I know a lot of creative people, I’m sure some of you can relate to this.

I have many interests and had a go at making a living off of several of them with varying degrees of success. I am a published author, I have published mobile apps and video games, I was a photographer for 10 years, and so on.

I often think about what my life might have looked like, if my interests weren’t so scattered. What if all I had ever cared about was music, for instance? Or software architecture?

With many interests, it sometimes feels like time is wasted on transitioning between states, or dabbling to learn things that may never be used again. From a marketing perspective, it is also very challenging to jump back and forth between different outlets, target audiences and messaging. Especially if you are doing it by yourself.

So, what if I had only been a writer? Would I have been a more successful, highly skilled writer? Would my brand be stronger?

It seems likely but here’s the thing: it’s connected like a chain. I am a better writer because I took a lot of portraits as a photographer. Why? Because I studied mood lighting, facial expressions and listened to people’s stories, all of which is transferable to writing.

I make better video games, because I studied how to build suspense in a movie script. I write better songs because I enjoyed building the guitar (seriously, I wrote 7 songs directly inspired by building a Stratocaster).

Of course there is a trade-off. I am not a specialist, which can get in the way, for example when looking for work. I am more of a big picture, high level kind of guy, less focused on polishing the details (though I work well with detail-oriented people). I accept these trade-offs, because the positives make it worthwhile.

Still, there are days where I wonder “what if”?

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