A Newspaper Simulation Game is Coming

It’s time to publicly announce my new work-in-progress, a video game about being the Editor in Chief of a small but highly ambitious newspaper. Start out as a small, failing rag, and build a media power house!

The gameplay is about growing a staff of great reporters (keeping them happy and matching them with the right stories), shaping the paper and growing those subscriber numbers, while working under a mysterious Owner and the whims of the Advertisers.

There are many elements to such a game, and it will take me a while to finish this – the very early screenshot shown with this post looks nothing like the final game, I can promise that much. There is no release date yet, however, I am sharing the journey so if you want to see what’s up, you can!

For sharing, I am using the blog and social media, as well as uploading devlog videos to YouTube.

Subscribe to the channel to get notified about new uploads. I’ve got a pretty good plan for where I want to go, treating the project as I would any project I’d work on in my day job.

This is a game idea I have been mulling over for years, even before I started Torgar’s Quest, and I am happy to now be working on it. Back then, I knew my skills were not ready to take on a challenge of this complexity, but now it feels like all my prototypes and experiments were warm-up for this. Always aim for bigger, better projects!

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