Middle and Fringe

Inspired by the world we live in.

Everyone has a Middle and a Fringe
Everyone has personal conviction
Everyone has common sense
Everyone has ideas
Everyone wants to act
Everyone needs balance between the Middle and the Fringe

The Middle is where work gets done
The Middle is where lasting decisions are made
The Middle is where common sense reigns
The Middle is where the interests of the many are catered to
The Middle is where ideas are refined
The Middle is where compromise is something to take pride in
The Middle is where inaction is seen as defeat
The Middle’s own greatest threat is complacency and contentment
The Middle without the Fringe is Status Quo

The Fringe is where ideas are created
The Fringe is where norms are questioned
The Fringe is where personal conviction reigns
The Fringe is where the interests of the few are catered to
The Fringe is where beliefs are refined
The Fringe is where winning is something to take pride in
The Fringe is where compromise is seen as defeat
The Fringe’s own greatest threat is radicalization and discontentment
The Fringe without the Middle is Revolution

Visit the Fringe but live in the Middle
Find your spark, your kink, your conviction in the Fringe
Refine it, evolve it and act on it in the Middle

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