Building guitars is a way to do something creative for me, that doesn’t involve a computer screen. Each new instrument is a unique challenge, and electric guitars are just inherently cool. Only problem is, I end up with more guitars than I need.

Some of these “extra” guitars are sold off, others I am donating. If you’re interested in one of my guitars, but don’t qualify for a donation, get in touch (email below).

Guitars for Donation

If you’re a kid in the Seattle area, with dreams of being a rock star, but you can’t afford your own guitar – maybe I can help.

I don’t have a lot of them to give away, since I don’t mass produce, and not every build is for donation. The guitars I do give away, are typically experiments of one kind or another. They are made with love and have their own personalities, but they won’t fetch a high re-sale value. However, I guarantee that you can rock your socks off on them!


To be considered for one of the donation guitars, you must

  • Be in junior high or high school
  • Be in the Seattle area
  • Be passionate about guitar
  • Not be able to afford an instrument
  • Have permission from a parent/guardian
  • Send an email application

In your application, convince me that you’re the right home for one of my donor axes, and you’ll be considered. Simple as that. Already got some recordings? Send links to your music! Include a shot of your current gear (if you have any). If you’re picked to receive a guitar, I will let you know directly.

Please note, that there is no guarantee that you will receive a guitar. It depends on supply and demand, and each application is evaluated individually. However, all applications are treated with confidentiality, even if I can’t offer you an instrument. No information is ever shared with third parties.

I’m limiting this to the Seattle area for practical purposes. Sorry to everyone else – that said, if you’re also a hobby guitar builder, I suggest you do something similar in your area.

Send your application email, or related inquiries to Remember to get your parents’ permission first!

Want to know more about guitar building? Check out my YouTube channel, Guitar Overdrive.

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