Nebula Rescue 1.1 is Live!

It’s a happy day! The first update of Nebula Rescue – my debut game for iPhone and iPod Touch – is live in the App Store today. This update is important to me personally (here’s why), but still would not have happened without the encouragement and support of people who play the game, like it, and wanted more!

The update includes 20 in-game achievements, ranging from the easily obtained to ones only the most hardcore fans will unlock, and a statistics screen. The stats part was inspired directly by requests from players who liked the old end game screen, which told you how many UFOs you’d shot down, how much space gunk you’d collected and so on. More stats were requested, so I made it keep track of averages and totals across multiple games.

Nebula Rescue 1.1 is available in the iTunes App Store for $0.99. If you enjoy it, I would very much appreciate a rating/review there. Or better yet, gift a copy to a friend.

Here’s what the achievement screen looks like, showing what I’ve managed to unlock between updating the game and writing this announcement.

Several people have asked about an Android version. One is in the works – a beta version has been compiled, but not yet tested. I am taking my time with it, partly because I don’t have much time to spare, and because I don’t have any Android devices of my own to test on, and thus I’m relying on helpful friends. For that reason, there is no official release date for Android (yet).

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Gobbler’s Run – Thanksgiving Game Challenge

Two days ago I decided to challenge myself to make a Thanksgiving game in time for the big turkey day. I’m still not sure what possessed me to do this, but I did, and with a little help, I was able to pull it off with a decent result.

In the game, which is Mac only for the time being, you control Gobbler the Turkey (voiced by Kelly Cline), whose sole purpose in life is to not die. Not dying means it’s time to run, run, run! Also, eating lots of corn and cornucopias. Because apparently turkeys eat those. Ways to die include getting hit by arrows, hatchets and colliding with tree trunks.

You use the sideways arrow keys or A and D to steer and Space to jump.

There was supposed to be an online version via GameSalad (which is also the tool I used to make the game), but I never got it to render quite right. If enough people like playing it, I may polish it and add more platforms. There are a couple of details that I would have spent more time on, were it not for the challenge deadline, but all in all I’m very happy with the result.

[FREE] Download “Gobbler’s Run” for Mac (zip file, 17mb)


  • Mac OS X 10.7 or newer
  • Unsigned apps must be allowed (in your security preferences)

Update: Since creating the game, I have updated it with slightly lower music volume, and a bug fix.

Apart from the music – a track by Pitx called “See You Later” – everything in Gobbler’s Run was created specifically for the game, and all within the 2 days allowed. Huge thanks to Kelly, the GameSalad team (who were very encouraging on Twitter) and everyone who supported the challenge.

Have a happy Thanksgiving, and please enjoy Gobbler’s Run.

Nebula Rescue in the App Store!

Nebula Rescue is finally available in the App Store! In this race against the clock, you tap and destroy UFOs, while collecting crystals and gunk! It’s my fourth app for iOS, and my first game. The video below shows exactly how the game works, and offers a few power plays tips.

Get Nebula Rescue in the iTunes App Store, for $0.99.

My personal high score, mentioned in the video, still stands. If you beat it, do let me know!

In Nebula Rescue, you play an awesome space pilot working hard for humanity, deep inside a distant nebula. In there, precious resources offer hope for our future in the form of Time Crystals and mysterious Space Gunk. Thousands of Drones remain trapped in the nebula, and your secondary goal is to rescue as many as you can. Powerful artifacts known as Zappers are being dispatched as quickly as they can be made – it’s up to you to activate them, which will send a few of the Drones back unharmed. In the meantime, try not to hit any Drones with your deadly fingertip.

Nebula Rescue was designed for iPhone and iPod Touch, using Game Salad. Apart from a couple of stock sound effects and the Game Center graphics, the game is 100% original, from the obviously hand drawn “graphics”, to the music and voice acting (by the amazing Kelly Cline). The graphics were kept in a sketch-like style, because I wanted the game to have a very innocent feel. Even though it’s all about destroying aliens and being a hero in the deep depths of space, at the end of the day Nebula Rescue is also just a simple, lighthearted and fun arcade game.

If you would like to support an indie game designer, get Nebula Rescue and let your friends play it, tweet your score and challenge your followers to beat it, or if you have a blog, consider writing about it (want to host a giveaway? get in touch!) – and please show some love to Nebula Rescue on Facebook, which is where I will be running a giveaways and keep you updated.

Get Nebula Rescue in the iTunes App Store, for $0.99.