Greeny is about to die…


UPDATE: Greeny’s Run has a new home! Get the latest alpha, or play the game right in your browser on the Tagunda website!

Greeny is a small fellow who happens to be green and slightly wobbly in nature, and he is most unfortunate. Trapped in a 100-level deep dungeon, his only hope is to rely on your guidance, to take as many Meanies out with him as he can, and gather all the riches! Only you can help little Greeny out!

My Salvage Trader Kickstarter is running right now. If you haven’t seen it, please go take a look and come right back. I’ll wait here. All good?

Running a Kickstarter is more stressful than you might expect. Exciting, yes, but it also makes me nervous and slightly obsessive. Maybe because it’s my first, who knows. Either way, I needed a distraction to take my mind off things, especially during the first few days. Enter the Gamemaker engine, and as a result of playing around with that, Greeny’s Run!

Greeny’s Run is a teeny tiny top-down dungeon survival game. I made it entirely within Gamemaker, with the exception of the app icon and splash screen (done in Photoshop) and the music, “Goat 145 + Stem” by stellarartwars, a creative commons track from ccmixter.

Download Greeny’s Run for Windows [FREE!] (July 14th, updated to alpha 4) See above.


  • WASD to move.
  • Arrow keys to fire.
  • Space bar to reload.
  • Esc key to pause.
  • M to toggle music on/off.
  • P to take an in-game screenshot.

See “Greeny’s Run” in action:

Also, find it in the Steam workshop, and don’t forget about the Salvage Trader Kickstarter!

D&D Campaign: Sundering Wrath

Do you play Dungeons & Dragons? It was the first roleplaying game I ever played, and it quite dramatically changed my life. Who would have thought that a single session, playing a level 3 fighter someone else had rolled for me, could have such an impact. After many years away from the game I returned to D&D in 2010.

I ran a homegrown 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons campaign entitled “Sundering Wrath”. We played almost the entire Heroic Tier before Life got in the way of our group. But I like planning ahead and frankly love writing this stuff (it’s a comfort thing, I’ve been writing game material since the 5th grade), so of course I had notes going all the way through the Epic Tier.

I have folders of scribblings, sketches and maps for Sundering Wrath. When we played, I started a blog dedicated to the campaign – I’ll be moving some of its content over here one of these days. Encouraged by Kelly, who thought I should do something with all these notes of mine, I put together an 11-page campaign outline.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your own D&D game, maybe this will help.

Download: Sundering Wrath – Campaign Outline (pdf)

The download is completely free, just right click and save it.

The campaign outline includes a brief introduction to the setting, background story and a campaign arc outlining each tier. The Heroic tier is split into individual adventure ideas (including stats and details for the main villain, Krogar Shadowsting), and also included is a template of unique powers for the badguys to wield.

Go ahead, roll initiative…