Presenting: Save or Die

“Save or Die” is inspired by one of the tensest moments in gaming. That last chance, where everything comes down to this one final roll of the dice. Usually, when it gets to this point, it’s because things have already gone to hell. If you’ve ever played roleplaying games, you know what I’m talking about.

Whenever I have an idea for a song, I record it as a voice memo on my phone. Sometimes it will just be a line or two, sometimes it’s a chord progression or a melody. Yesterday, I stumbled across the outline of a song without any lyrics attached – just humming where the words were supposed to go. I started typing whatever wanted to come out, and after a few hours of work – I had a song!

I suppose this is nerd rock. I’ve been inspired to try writing some songs like this for a while; since the busking session at Emerald City Comic Con especially (see the post on ECCC for more on that). I love getting inspired by talented people!

The song is free, unless you want to pay for it. Get it on Bandcamp and check out my other songs in the shop.

My Emerald City Comic Con Adventure

Emerald City Comic Con (ECCC) last weekend was my first con in nearly twenty years (not counting techie/photo trade shows). It pretty much went like this: on the first day I was extremely overwhelmed in an awesome way. It was great connecting with a few friends, take lots of pictures and discover tons of great art. Day two, I was warmed up and really enjoying myself, and on the final day, I was happy and tired. And really sore.

A few highlights worth sharing…

The nerd busking session – performers Molly Lewis, The Doubleclicks, Vixy & Tony and Marian Call shared a super intimate set in one of the lobbies.

Meeting up with Jade Gordon – an artist soon to be featured on Another Passion, Jade makes nerdy fan art so taking her portrait for the upcoming interview at ECCC made perfect sense.

Hanging with Thadeous – the man behind Geek Cred had a very special project going on. I can’t talk about the project itself, but I was more than happy to lend a hand.

I’d gone to ECCC thinking it would be 100% leisure time. Turns out of course, I don’t know how to have leisure time anymore. I’d brought my camera of course, and I just couldn’t help it but put it to use. The massive amount of fantastic art and costumes were inspiring too, making me want to create stuff!

Pics for Liz – On the last day, I teamed up with nerdwrangler extraordinaire, Dammit Liz. She needed photos for a project too, I had a camera and time to spare (leisure time? Pssh!) – everybody wins.

Fanboy moment – I spotted John Layman, writer of my favorite comic currently in print, CHEW! I learned that it has been picked up for a pilot by Showtime (move over, Dexter!) and that mr. Layman and I share something, which may account for my love of this particular comic: we’re both married to foodies! I didn’t get a photo because I was in fanboy mode and completely didn’t think about it. Don’t know Chew? Start here.

This weekend, I will be at Norwescon. My mid-thirties body is asking why I am doing this. My early-twenties brain is chanting: Let’s GO!

Come find me on the “New Media vs. Old Media” panel, Saturday at 3pm, or ping me on twitter if you’d like to meet up during the con.