Presenting: Alien Attack Armada

Alien Attack Armada

Play Alien Attack Armada (opens in a pop up window)

This was written after 22 straight hours of gaming and/or developing Alien Attack Armada, as part of my participation in this year’s Extra Life event. I made this game from scratch during the event, right down to the sound effects and, um, artwork.

A huge thank you to everyone who donated, watched my Twitch feed, on Twitter, or provided support and encouragement elsewhere along the way. More detail will undoubtedly follow later. For now, I still have 2 more hours left of Extra Life…

Minecraft for Charity

A while back, I told the story of how Minecraft helped my wife recover from surgery and Cancer treatment, so it should come as no surprise that I associate this game with, not just building things, but healing. That is why the Extra Life charity drive for CMN Hospitals meant that I had to participate.

I am raising money for Seattle Children’s Hospital by playing and live streaming a marathon session of Minecraft, where I and a few friends will attempt to build something awesome for those who are watching. And we are doing this, hoping that you will donate to the cause!

Doing good is awesome. So is building things, and healing. Be part of it with me and the other Minecrafters of Rasmania (yes, that is the name of my server, and no, I did not come up with it)! It’s for the children!