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You can always find a selection on my desk.

I write stuff all the time, from short stories to song lyrics and non-fiction. Here are some of my creations, for free and for sale. Thank you for taking a look and having a listen.


The music is provided via Bandcamp.

In Danish


On here, you’ll find mostly experiments and noodles. My profile name is theprint.


Det perfekte offer (The Perfect Victim)

“Det perfekte offer” was my first novel, published in Denmark by Høst & Søn in 2001. It tells the story of Henrik, a daydreaming mail man, who falls in love with a woman after having told her he is actually a private investigator. When the woman’s husband goes missing, and she asks Henrik to find him.

When he does, the story takes another twist, and Henrik soon finds himself chasing a murderer to clear his own name. The story is a nod to classic noir crime novels, in the Scandinavian style which has since become very popular across the world. “Det perfekte offer” is out of print.

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