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Above the Fold

The year is 1998 and a failing newspaper was recently acquired by a mysterious new owner, who started by firing everyone and hiring a new editor in chief to rebuild from the ground up – you! This game is currently in Early Access on Steam. Get updates on the Above the Fold website, or just get this newspaper sim right now!

Torgar’s Quest

Guide Torgar Splitbeard, a dwarven prince in his underpants, through a deadline dungeon in search glory and clothes. The game was launched on Steam on May 31st, 2016 – click on the button above to check it out in the Steam Store!

Crazy Cat Collector

Made for Ludum Dare 41, where the challenge was combining two genres that don’t go together. Crazy Cat Collector combines a clicker with a simulation/management game. Feed the cats, get more cats (maybe kill some cats to feed other cats)!


In Combative, you build a stable of fighters and pit them against a series of enemies. You win gold as your fighters win fights, and you can upgrade, heal and buy new fighters. Combat is turn-based.


A prototype for a text-based survival RPG, inspired by old DOS-interfaces like Norton Commander. Free to play.

Procformer: Infinite

Procformer: Infinite was an experiment in generating procedural platform game levels, which ended up being a mini game. I may add to this title later. Use the widget to download it and try for yourself.

Salvage Trader

My first commercially released desktop game, financed by friends and family via Kickstarter, is about gathering resources, trading and fighting space pirates. Salvage Trader is still available in the Windows Store and the Mac App Store.

Wrimuse Studio

Raymond Chandler once said, that when he got stuck writing a story, he simply had a guy walk into the room with a gun in his hand. What that means is, to push the story forward, he introduced an element that did exactly that. Wrimuse Studio combines story elements randomly to serve up fresh combinations – millions of them!

Wrimuse has existed in many iterations, as a tool that generates creative writing prompts for fiction writers of all kinds. Wrimuse Studio is the latest iteration, and is currently in early release. Complete a story or scene based on a randomly generated outline or a photograph, or get an essay topic presented. You can also use built in generators to create characters on the fly! Check out the blog and twitter account for more.

Mobile Games

In Diner Match, you put the food on the matching plate, before it disappears from the screen! Grab the cash that passes by for bonus points. Get combos and pick up bonuses!

In Balloon Run, you dodge birds, planes and more, as well as balloons that give you bonuses and advantages. Beware of those wind gusts, though.

Nebula Rescue (iOS, no longer available)

My first iPhone game was an arcade time-trial space tapper, inspired by the likes of Asteroids and Fruit Ninja. Destroy UFOs and collect crystals and gunk floating around in the nebula. Don’t hit the Drones, or it’ll cost you 2 seconds of game time.

Here is the trailer for Nebula Rescue…

iOS Muses – Idea Generators

I have developed a few small apps for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad based on one of my personal favorites when it comes to sparking the imagination and getting inspired — random elements.

FantasyMuse (no longer available)

FantasyMuse is a tool for rpg game masters and fantasy writers who need inspiration on the fly. This tool will outline a character, generate a faction or come up with a quest idea for your adventures. For more about FantasyMuse, check it out in theApp Store ($1.99).

PixMuse (no longer available)

This handy little app is made for photographers, and has been popular enough to get blatantly copied by a major camera gear producer. Don’t settle for the cheap imitations, though. Using the most common themes and genres, PixMuse offers up ideas for your next photo shoot. For more about PixMuse, check it out in the App Store ($0.99).

Click this link to go directly to iTunes and see a complete list of my apps for sale.

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