Music Video for “Save or Die”

Not too long ago, in this very galaxy, I wrote a song about that pivotal moment in gaming where it all comes down to the final toss of the dice. In old skool Dungeons & Dragons, Save or Die was a term used for extreme situations where a character’s life depended on a single roll. Those moments can be extremely intense, and the song is a tribute to that intensity.

The video was shot on an iPhone using a mix of normal video and timelapse. Shooting it was unplanned – I was feeling distracted after a night of very little sleep, and thought I’d play around with shooting timelapse stop motion, pushing a few dice around. After watching the first clip I got the idea of turning it into something else… I toned and processed it to match the mood of the tune and added floaty lyrics for cheese (and for bonus cheese, I used avQest aka “the Diablo font”).

If you like, you can download “Save or Die” via Bandcamp.

On a related note, I released a brand new song just yesterday called “Tale of The Farmer’s Daughter”. No video for that (yet?) but do check that and my other tracks out on the Words & Music page.

D&D Campaign: Sundering Wrath

Do you play Dungeons & Dragons? It was the first roleplaying game I ever played, and it quite dramatically changed my life. Who would have thought that a single session, playing a level 3 fighter someone else had rolled for me, could have such an impact. After many years away from the game I returned to D&D in 2010.

I ran a homegrown 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons campaign entitled “Sundering Wrath”. We played almost the entire Heroic Tier before Life got in the way of our group. But I like planning ahead and frankly love writing this stuff (it’s a comfort thing, I’ve been writing game material since the 5th grade), so of course I had notes going all the way through the Epic Tier.

I have folders of scribblings, sketches and maps for Sundering Wrath. When we played, I started a blog dedicated to the campaign – I’ll be moving some of its content over here one of these days. Encouraged by Kelly, who thought I should do something with all these notes of mine, I put together an 11-page campaign outline.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your own D&D game, maybe this will help.

Download: Sundering Wrath – Campaign Outline (pdf)

The download is completely free, just right click and save it.

The campaign outline includes a brief introduction to the setting, background story and a campaign arc outlining each tier. The Heroic tier is split into individual adventure ideas (including stats and details for the main villain, Krogar Shadowsting), and also included is a template of unique powers for the badguys to wield.

Go ahead, roll initiative…