RPG Tools

Spice up your tabletop game with these random generators, made to assist dungeon masters, writers and similar ilk. They are not meant to create polished game material, but will give you an easy reference or maybe jog your inspiration some. Without further ado, here are the tools…

Adventure Title Generator
Inspired by a tweet, this utility generates 10 D&D-style titles for your adventures at a time, refresh for more.

Town Generator
Generates three different sizes of towns, from tiny hamlets to large cities with major temples, defenses and more.

Spell/Potion Ingredient Generator
Add a side-quest to obtain spell or potion ingredients. Gives you an ingredient to obtain, someone who guards it and a complication.

Adventure Outliner
Creates an instant scenario, including a twist and everything. Just add encounters (not quite, but close enough).

Fantasy Names
I suck at thinking up names on the fly. So I use this for quick NPCs and general inspiration.

Name the Tavern!
Heroes visit a lot of inns. They all need names. Here are some suggestions.

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