Cast of Characters

These are the main characters in the Sundering Wrath campaign:

Adarra Starhand

Female human, cleric of Pelor. [played by @kcline]

Some call me naive, some call me fierce. I trust the light and those who walk in the light, especially those who walk in the Light of Pelor. I do tend to lose control of myself when in the presence of the unjust.

Draven Blacksword

Male half-elf, warlord. [played by @nickf]

Women swoon over my blond locks and handsome features. Men often back down from me before it comes to throwing punches and at the end of my sword on at times on the battlefield. I am the commander moving with precision and skill regardless of whatever chaos and unpredictability erupts on the battlefield.

Eremia ‘Remi’

Female elf, ranger. [played by @gapey]

I have a quiet demeanor. Since I don’t speak a lot, it makes me a good listener and able to keep secrets. Sometimes I think I am a little too kind and feel some may take advantage of that.


Female eladrin, wizard. [played by @ozinn]

I’ve seen in our travels that people notice and rudely stare at my long silver hair, so I tend to keep it covered, as not to draw attention. I’m happiest when I can find a few moments alone each day for quiet reflection and reading.

Rhed SheeArt

Male dragonborn, paladin of Bahamut. [played by @zoediak]

Since I cannot force anyone’s opinion in any way, I let my actions speak for themselves and the rest will fall into place. I speak with honesty and don’t make promises lightly. I believe that if it is worth doing, then the time it takes to accomplish the goal is of no consequence.

Winston Mortimer

Male human, fighter. [played by @leechamberlin]

I am a somewhat imposing figure and tower over many individuals. Certainly when meeting others, the many scars which mar my hands are noticed but not commented on. Somtimes, in the wee hours of the morning I look to the sun and quietly recite a poem about the trees of my homeland.

The Dungeon Master

Male human, geek. [aka @theprint]

This page is a work in progress. More information about each character will be added as the campaign progresses.

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