Don’t Let Anything Stop You

I bet there is something you’ve thought about doing, but you’ve either never tried, or when you did, you barely scratched the surface. Maybe because you’re afraid to fail, the ridicule of others, or you don’t have the confidence that you’ll be able to keep it up or finish the project. All of that is completely normal, so at least you’re not weird.

See what I did there? I put the thought of “being weird” in your head. Even though I assured you, you are not “weird”, I still put you on a scale. This is a rather crude example, but being judged by other people happens all the time, whether you realize it or not. If you are conscious of it, it becomes easier to identify and dismiss, rather than letting it fester until you start questioning whether perhaps they were wrong and you really are weird. Here’s the thing though, any perceived “weirdness” is likely what sets you apart. So own it! Make it part of your brand.

Gatekeepers, nay-sayers and those self-appointed guardians of Normal, are often people who have either plateaued – they fear change and see everyone who thinks differently as inferior – or they never got started themselves, and project their own bitterness onto you. There are also people who simply get off on putting others down, and nothing you do will ever be good enough for them. So, why pay these people any mind?

Some people will come from a good place but still work against you, trying to shield you from the disappointment of what they see as imminent or likely failure. Don’t hold it against them, but ignore their warnings.

Of course, for many of us the hardest critic to ignore is the internal one. The voice in the back of your head, that says you’re not talented enough, or smart, or likable, or whatever your particular voice likes to say. But who put those thoughts in there? Where did those expectations come from?

Regardless of what has been holding me back, the way to move past it always comes down to understanding the root cause of the blocker. Once I understand it, it loses its grip – the spell is broken and I can move forward.

Besides, it’s okay to fail. You learn more from things going wrong than going right. It’s okay to not adopt other people’s expectations of how to do something, or how often.

Want to start a YouTube channel? It takes 5 minutes to get one set up. Worried about building an audience, or the competition? Great! It’s good to be aware of such things, but don’t let it stop you from getting started.

That is just another simple example, but every project has obstacles, competition and challenges. No dream comes easy – otherwise you’d have fulfilled it right away.

So get on with it! What are you waiting for?

By Rasmus

Nerd and immigrant who uses words, pictures and sound to tell stories.

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